One Tab Group

Last update 1 year ago

Manage all your browser tabs/tab groups in one place

About One Tab Group

One Tab Group is a Chrome extension alternative to OneTab/Session Buddy, that allows you to manage your tabs & tab groups in one place.

One-click to aggregate all tabs & tab groups into one session.

Some of the older tag manager plugins are either too limited in features or lack features and are slow to update, not keeping up with the latest browser features, such as the tag group feature supported by Chrome.

One Tab Group can help you effectively manage the tabs you have opened, and provide cloud storage and backup services so that the browser tabs you save will no longer be lost.

Features by One Tab Group

Organise tabs & tab groups efficiently

Save/Restore/Reorganise tabs, even tab groups

Synchronizes your browser tabs & tab groups

Reorganize tab sessions using Drag & Drop with ease

Command `K` Interface – easily explore the opened tabs & tab groups.

Visual Web Bookmark – Turn a link into a visual web bookmark with a beautiful QRCode, that you can share with others.

Suspend opened tabs to save memory

Cloud sync with Sign in

Bookmark your favorite sessions

Share Sessions as a link with anyone


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