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Add fingerprint and faceid login in minutes

About OnzAuth

With OnzAuth passwordless solution, you can let users sign in with their Fingerprint or Face ID to your website in a few lines of code.

Built on modern browser standards, and W3C WebAuthn and oAuth 2.0 standards.

Integrate with your current setup

Use any programming language and framework you like.

Use Biometric (FIDO2 keys, PIN, FaceID, Fingerprint etc…) or Magic Link as your primary sign-in method or as MFA. We work great for both.

Privacy built-in

We don’t want to store any Passwords or Biometric information.

Biometric information stays on your device.

How does it work?

This passwordless authentication generates both a public and a private key pair when the user registers.

The public key, stored in OnzAuth’s server, identifies the user similarly to a username, whereas the private key, stored in the user’s device, secures storage along with the biometric data and completes the verification process.

Get lifetime access to OnzAuth today!

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