Popup Likebox

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Getting more likes for your facebook page

About Popup Likebox

The Facebook Popup Likebox plugin is developed for promoting your Facebook page and getting more likes.

Your likebox will appear when someone visits your WordPress website. The visitors can scroll your Facebook feed, go through your posts, send you a message, and like your page.

A Facebook likebox is effective in attracting more visitors and increasing the visibility of your page.

Take the chance to make your popup fully personalized. Raise your game by adjusting the settings and limiting the box if needed.

Give the basic configuration settings to your box on the General tab. Here’s what you are offered to do on this tab:

  • Enable or disable your likebox.
  • Enable the popup for guests and/or for logged-in users.
  • Have your box hidden on mobile devices.
  • Show your likebox on all pages or select the pages on which it will be displayed.
  • Choose the language for your popup box.
  • Specify whether to show your Facebook timeline, events, and/or messages on the popup.
    Set the popup position.

Choose to promote your Facebook page smartly with our user-friendly and multifunctional plugin.

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