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Easily embed anything into a popup on your site

About Popupular

Easily embed anything into a popup on your site.

Now you can quickly integrate interactive web content into your site without coding skills or waiting on your development team.

Popular makes it easy to integrate a sign up form, explanation video or a help article, or anything else into a popup, you can fully control, with just a few clicks.

Choose from hundreds of services, like YouTube video, Mailchimp form, Soundcloud clip, Calendly calendar, web page, image, and many many more.

Set up triggers for your popup, define page rules, segment users, schedule playback and use special effects.

With Popupular you can embed

Youtube Video In A Popup – Quickly call out a YouTube video player to promote a product or explain a feature

Calendly Calendar In A Popup – Quickly show Calendly calendar to schedule a demo. Google Doc ‍In A Popup – Quickly show a Google Doc to explain a feature or collect responses.

Airtable Sheet In A Popup – Quickly show an Airtable spreadsheet with your product descriptions.

Mailchimp Form In A Popup – Quickly call out Mailchimp sign up form for your leads.

Podcast Player In A Popup – Quickly call out Soundcloud player with your latest product podcast.

Image Or GIF In A Popup – Drop in a promo image and set what happens when users click.

Website Or Page In A Popup – Quickly show an FAQs page to answer a common user question.

Custom HTML In A Popup – Easily embed your custom HTML for immersive user experiences.


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