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All in on post grid plugin for wordpress

About Post Grid

All in on Post Grid Plugin for WordPress

Post Grid Plugin allows you to create grid, list, filter and slider view. Post Grid Plugin is Easy to use as shortcode or Gutenberg Blocks or Elementor Addon.

Advanced Query Build

Query build is the unique feature in the Post Grid Plugin. You can dynamically build many queries to display the specified number of posts or pages. Even you can enable sticky Post to display at the top.

These options are available in the shortcode generator, Gutenberg Block and Elementor widget.

Multiple Layouts

Grid Layouts: The grid layout has 9 layouts in the Elementor widget and 10 layouts in the shortcode generator. Also Gutenberg Blocks has 9 layout variations.

Grid Hover Layouts: Grid Hover layout has 16 different layouts to showcase both Elementor and Gutenberg Blocks.

Lists Layouts: List layout has 7 layouts, where the first 3 variations are free in the Elementor widget and  Gutenberg Blocks but 2 variations in shortcode only.

Slider Layouts: Post Grid Plugin only has 13 dynamic slider layouts in the Pro package in Elementor and Gutenberg Blocks.

Multiple Pagination

Post Grid plugin comes with multiple paginations. Allowing users to navigate from one page to another in a sequential process.

Post Grid plugins have 4 types of pagination:

  1. Default pagination: It is available in free version and allows you to display posts in a number of pages button.
  2. Ajax pagination: It is only available in the pro version for grid layout. This pagination looks similar to the default pagination. But it won’t affect the page appearance by reloading the entire page.
  3. Ajax Load more: This is another pro feature of Ajax pagination. It shows a load more button instead of a number of pages to display more posts.
  4. Ajax Load on Scroll: This option allows users to scroll posts seamlessly, without interfering with the user experience.

Single or Multi Popup

Display your posts with a clickable link by enabling a link to detail page from the shortcode’s layout setting. So you can allow links to open in a new page or in a pop up page.

Custom Image Size

Customize your post-featured image, just the way you want. You can set a custom size and height to adjust with different layout styles. Also, you can set a default image, to replace any blank image.

All these settings are available in the Shortcode generator and Elementor widget.

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