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A productivity add-in for powerpoint, excel & word

About Power-User

Power-User is a productivity add-in for PowerPoint, Excel & Word. It helps heavy users of MS Office deliver clear, concise, and visually impressive presentations in very little time while securing brand consistency.

  • Access thousands of templates, icons, flags, maps, charts, diagrams, logos, or pictures in your presentations.
  • Create robust links between Excel and PowerPoint to automate reports entirely.
  • Clean your presentation from typos, detect and remove inconsistent fonts, missing page numbers, double words, confidential information, etc.
  • Bring structure with automated agenda pages.
  • Easily align shapes thanks to a powerful ribbon specifically designed for heavy PowerPoint users.
  • Create advanced charts and maps to show your data in a powerful way.

With Power-User you can work 50% faster while delivering powerful presentations that will convince your audience.


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