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Design workflow management and assets exchange platform

About Quaaant

Quaaant helps you trackmanage and collaborate on all your design versions and directions, syncing every atomic element across different tools, and visualizing the entire design process.

It integrates with your existing design tools to give you a single place to trackmanage, and visualize your design process.

Design workflow management and assets exchange platform

One file, multiple flows – No more digging through local or cloud files. Get your creative ideas flowing by always knowing where to find the latest.

No lost versions – Working with Quaaant means you can focus on your design and not worry about losing any small change or design direction.

Visualize your design process – Branches let you try out new design directions in the same file, without affecting the original concept.

Combine different design directions – Simply create a branch, do your thing, then merge your changes when ready.

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