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No more rejected applications. Get closer to the job you want

About Resoume

Most of us have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile page. Copy-pasting all the information to your resume is time-consuming. Let’s speed up the process.

Resoume is a platform to create beautiful resumes, cover letters, and portfolios in an easy-to-use builder. It is for people who want to stand out.

Not only does Resoume create pleasing résumés, it also makes sure that your output is ATS-aligned.

No more rejected applications!

You can even keep track of your interviews, offers, applications, and more. Get Resoume now and get a step closer to the job you want.

  • Create your resume by importing your profile from LinkedIn.
  • Change colors, themes, & fonts.
  • Keep track of your interviews, offers, applications, & more.
  • Create an online version of your résumé, CV or portfolio & share it with others.

Get the Resoume Lifetime Deal today!

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