Retargeting Machine

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Run profitable Facebook ads for new customers effortlessly

About Retargeting Machine

If you’re in a saturated market with lots of competitors… It might feel daunting to run ads on Facebook. But I have good news for you: Facebook Ads is a numbers game. While we all use Facebook Ads to get new customers and make sales… It’s not just about getting customers… It’s about getting them profitably! ???? The higher the profits on every dollar spent on Facebook Ads, the more a business owner will invest in ads to beat the competition, win the best customers, and make the most revenue… It’s no secret that… Running “Retargeting Ads” Is One Of The Surefire Ways To Get A Steady Flow of New Customers. Yet most business owners still don’t know how to REALLY leverage those retargeting ads. Meet Retargeting Machine The Easiest Strategy To Run Facebook Ads To Get New Customers Profitably

The Retargeting Machine is NOT another course

It’s NOT a 21-hour Facebook Ads video course teaching you nothing but theory It’s NOT a screencast of how to use the Ads Manager which will get outdated shortly It’s NOT a bunch of untested tactics that some online gurus wish were working

It’s a PROVEN set of strategies and action steps

It’s a fast & actionable 7-day implementation plan for business owners to make sure they’ve got a winning retargeting campaign in place — no matter their previous experience.


A 7-day execution plan so you’ll know exactly what you should be working on each day. These are bitesize assignments that are VERY doable in a small amount of time. 12 in-depth videos that are guiding you through the implementation process, so you’ll know exactly what to do each step of the way. An interactive mindmap giving you a summary of the entire process at a glance (or in detail, if you navigate through it) — perfect for a quick review right before you start to plan a new retargeting campaign.


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