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Gmail, youtube & chrome sync to google sheets

About Salesforza

Salesforza Chrome Extension Suite lets you sync

  • Emails on Gmail
  • Tabs on Chrome
  • YouTube accounts

…to Google Sheets with 1 click.

Click “add row” on our extension to sync to Google Sheets.

Add more fields (i.e. Columns in Google Sheets) straight from the extension.

Create lists of:

  • Emails to follow up on Gmail
  • Sales lead (ex. from LinkedIn)
  • Influencers (ex. YouTube, TikTok, Quora, etc)
  • Interesting articles to read later
  • Browser bookmarks that you can easily share with friends or colleagues
  • Journalists you’d like to pitch your startup to
  • Investors (ex. from Angellist)
  • Items to buy on Amazon or Shopify

No more tab switching, view Google Sheets data on our Extensions.

Get lifetime access to Salesforza today!

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