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Get actionable local leads in minutes

About ScrapeLocal

Stop wasting hundreds of dollars on generating leads that give little to no ROI.

Alternatively, you can scour Google My Business profiles and individual business websites for contact information and create your own database in a few days.

But, what if you could automate the whole process of extracting the targeted leads while filtering out dummy email IDs from Google My Business and website URLs while also getting insights on your competitor’s website build?

Meet ScrapeLocal

ScrapeLocal is a powerful tool that extracts contact information from website URLs and Google Maps. Get email addresses, social media handles, and insights on the build of the website(CMS, plugin details, pixels) of potential leads and download them in a convenient CSV format.

Get actionable local leads in minutes

Just type the keyword and target location and start scraping Google Maps to get your leads’ contact details and social media handles in a downloadable CSV file.

Create an extensive database of potential leads and start cold-calling them.

Fine-tune your sales strategy to convert hyper-local leads into returning customers.

Conduct in-depth market research and identify the trends and common practices your competitors follow.

Identify the online behavioral patterns (for eg, Announcement of discounts, Hashtags used for promotional events) of the leading market players in the industry of choice.

Get a comprehensive view of the market and alter your sales strategy for higher conversions.

Get lifetime access to ScrapeLocal!

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