Screen Story

Last update 6 months ago

Aesthetic screen recordings in minutes

About Screen Story

Loom lacking customization?  Tired of fighting After Effects?

Meet Screen Story.

Turn screen recordings into aesthetic videos in 2 minutes. Record your screen as you normally do and Screen Story applies all best design patterns to the videos.

Get more users with beautiful content:

  • Promo videos,
  • Video demos,
  • Tutorials,
  • Social media stories,
  • GIFs for the website and newsletter.

Aesthetic screen recordings in minutes

Screen Story levels your videos making it easier to follow while grabbing more attention. Especially on smaller screens.

  • Automatic zoom. To focus on the main action, Screen Studio automatically zooms in on actions you perform on your screen.
  • Smooth cursor movement. Rapid movement of your cursor is transformed into a smooth and beautiful glide.
  • Colorful background. Easily change the background or spacing around your video.
  • Web camera and microphone support. Tutorials, presentations, tips, and tricks videos. All of them are better with your webcam video and voice.

Get lifetime access to Screen Story!

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