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Last update 8 months ago

Get rid of spam and useless junk from your gmail

About Sentrya

Are your essential emails getting lost in your cluttered Inbox? No more wasting time uncluttering when you have access to –

Sentrya – Gmail Inbox Cleaner

It is a Gmail inbox cleaner that helps you eliminate spam and useless junk from your Gmail.

It blocks emails from unsafe senders, leaving you with only a clean inbox with important mail.

Get rid of spam and useless junk from your Gmail

This inbox cleaning tool prioritizes the privacy of your data, allowing you to have complete control over your inbox.

With this Gmail cleaner, you can also find out if your data has been sold and which company has it.

Shield your inbox from spam with Sentrya’s customizable whitelist, ensuring only trusted senders can access your email.

Get lifetime access to Sentrya!

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