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Create 1000+ SEO landing pages in just a few clicks

About SEO Generator

Creating landing pages for SEO is a great way to boost your website traffic, but it can be rather time-consuming. And even expensive if you’re hiring a copywriter.

Not with SEO Generator!

Now you’ll be able to create loads – literally thousands – of SEO pages in just a few clicks.

SEO Generator is a WordPress plugin that generates a landing page for every combination of keywords and locations you can imagine, while you’re actually writing just one page.

Create 1000+ SEO landing pages in just a few clicks

Of course, SEO Generator will not pollute your website with thousands of actual pages in WordPress. It will only create one page for every group of keywords and locations.

For the SEO nerds, the plugin just creates URLs and adds them to the sitemap. When a specific URL is actually visited, the shortcodes will be replaced by the right keywords and locations in the frontend.

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