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Work smarter with AI-powered content analysis and optimization

About SEOPilot

SEO helps you stand out and gets people to your site. Therefore, optimizing your pages is a MUST.

With every guru teaching you a new and complex method for ranking pages, and companies touting expensive SEO tools, we’ve decided to go back to the fundamentals.

Find what’s already ranking at the top of the SERPs, analyze it, and produce similar content.

Here comes SEOPilot Chrome Extension to help you navigate that simple process.

SEOPilot Chrome Extension is designed to help you uncover valuable insights from top-ranking content. Easily analyze on-page data points, extract contact and social info, and generate rank-worthy articles.

Accurate Metrics Right Where You Need It

On-Page SEO – The On-page SEO function analyzes a page so you can quickly study its structure and what’s helping it rank or not.

AI Article Writer – The Article Writer uses the current page’s content and heading structure to generate a new and unique article in one click. Customize the outline and start ranking based on proven results.

Contact Info Extractor – The Contact Info Extractor scans the current page to find emails, phone numbers, and social URLs such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and X profiles for brand research or outreach to site owners.​

Find Opportunities – With the broken link checker and several other features, identify optimization opportunities on your pages, and client sites, or analyze competitors to rank higher.

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