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Know who viewed, which docs, when, for how long

About ShareDocView

Share your documents with links to get analytics and email leads!

Did you know you can now look deep and get data from the documents you share with your colleagues or leads?

Meet ShareDocView

ShareDocView helps you get analytics and notifications when someone looked at your documents with an ability to collect email leads. It allows you to add your company watermark and branding

ShareDocView allows you to update the documents anytime from the Cloud even after sharing a link. You can also remove access to a specific document by deleting a link.

No Attachments

You don’t have wait to add large email attachments anymore. Simply upload docs and share links like videos on YouTube.

Update your Docs even after sending it

You can now update all the latest docs you upload without worrying anymore.

No need to install any software

No need to download or install a software on your devices. Just open up your browser and access ShareDocView from any device.

Analytics for your documents

Know what documents (even pages) have been viewed for how long and follow up with your leads knowing if a document has been viewed or not!

Team Organization

Keep shareable team files organized in one place and easily create a data room for your team. The team members will know what documents can be shared.


You can now keep your doc private and generate a request access for the same. Remove the access control anytime you want to make it public view.


It allows you to add your company watermark and branding.

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