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Stop wasting time and speed up your development workflow

About Sizzy

Making your site truly responsive and accessible is hard. The most popular web browsers available have their limits for development and designing purposes.

Unless you can use a proper native mobile browser you will never be able to simulate the real devices, sync the scrolling position, take full-page screenshots, and see where the bottlenecks are.

Meet Sizzy

Sizzy is a browser made specifically for responsive development and design. It helps you to make your site responsive, fast, and accessible while speeding up your development workflow by 5x and making sure your site looks perfect on all devices. 

This tool has some brilliant features that will make your panic about testing your website on multiple platforms a thing of the past.

So, let’s check it out.

Everything is in sync

Scroll, click, or navigate to a different URL, and all the devices will follow.

Screenshot, the proper way

Take a screenshot of the current viewport or the entire website. You can also screenshot all devices at once. With, or without a device frame. So many possibilities!

Universal Inspect Element

Inspecting devices one by one can be a chore, so Sizzy includes Universal Inspect Element which allows you to inspect all devices at once. Nifty, huh?

Realistic Devices

Sizzy has the most accurate device simulation. Simulates the frame of the device, and the UI for the browser & OS, and you can completely customize everything.

Speed up your workflow

Simulate a touch cursor and use all the gestures you would use on a real device. Touch, scroll, and swipe to your heart’s content!

Choose your view

Preview your website on multiple devices simultaneously. Adjust the zoom, and arrange them in any layout: horizontal, vertical, or center.

Powerful Plugins

Easily jump between different sections or titles within your page. All the devices will automatically scroll to it, even after a refresh.

Used By The Fastest Growing Companies Across The Globe.

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