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Save hours creating personalized data-driven presentations

About SlideFill

Tired of manually entering data from your CRM or Google Sheets to make your presentations, business reviews, or marketing content more relevant to your audience?

Sellers should pitch to clients, instead of creating presentations.

Sales strategy should find insights, instead of creating reports.

Marketing should resonate with your audience, instead of creating one-size-fits-all content. And case studies should go online, instead of being produced.

Wish you could save your team time, leverage your current technology stack, unleash the power of your data, and generate more revenue through personalization?

It’s possible with SlideFill.

Save hours creating personalized data-driven presentations

SlideFill enables your team to automatically create data-driven presentations in up to 40% less time using your Google Sheets or CRM client data.

No coding is required. Elevate your sales, marketing, or reporting teams productivity in three simple steps:

  • Connect your data source
  • Upload a presentation with placeholders
  • Generate unique personalized content

Thanks to the user-friendly interface integrating directly with Google Drive you can start creating sales, marketing and business material in just a few clicks.

Get lifetime access to SlideFill!

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