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Remove bots, spam traps, and blacklisted emails from the list

About SMTPing

There’s no way to optimize your email marketing when your lists are riddled with fake emails. (“I hope this email finds you at all.”)

While your deliverability will keep dwindling, your bounce rates skyrocket—with your revenue hitting an all-time low.

Wish there was a tool that could instantly clean up all your lists and help you avoid the spam folder overnight?

Introducing SMTPing Email Validation.

SMTPing Email Validation is an email validation tool that can help your business boost email deliverability.

Validate your lists to remove bots, spam traps, and more

Instantly clean up your email list – This tool can validate all your emails to help enhance live campaigns and improve the health of your lists.

Reveal key metrics –  After validating your emails, SMTPing Email Validation will display real-time data on the main dashboard.

Validate your CVS files – Use the CSV File Validator to correctly format your CSV files, eliminating any issues before starting the validation process.

Keep all your data – You can also keep a record of every verified email list to easily access past results at any time.

Get lifetime access to SMTPing Email Validation!

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