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Your AI ally for seamless messages, meeting management, and more

About Snoooz

Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy your break knowing your clients are still being taken care of?

You can do just that with Snoooz AI, your out-of-office assistant!

Snoooz is an out-of-office assistant that can automatically send personalized OOO messages and copy backups on critical conversations or escalations.

It ensures your valued (or noisy) customers get prompt attention, even when you are enjoying some well-deserved time off.

This out-of-office assistant can provide personalized responses based on 

  • Email sender
  • Sentiment
  • Language
  • Urgency
  • Customer data like ARR, opportunity size, and renewal dates from your CRM to tailor replies for high-touch versus low-touch customers.

This email autoresponder takes care of labeling emails for you – marking those that have been handled and those needing your attention.

Out-of-Office Messaging Tool

Out of Office Email Management: It allows you to manage your OOO easily using web-based app, or using the chrome extension

Smart Out of Office Templates – It provides smart templates to Respond smartly to incoming emails based on sender, sentiment, language, and much more.

User Management – It allows you to enable your team member’s “OOO” if they forget or have an emergency.

Analytics – It allows you to view all emails sent, which template went out, what Rule triggered each response, and so much more.

Get lifetime access to Snoooz!

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