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Automated posting, viral giveaways, and advanced analytics

About Sociamonials

Let’s be honest: there’s nothing you want more than to have successful social media campaigns.

(Ok, maybe a grocery store trip that doesn’t leave you feeling paranoid.) But no matter how much money you pump into sponsored posts or the time you spend trying to master complex tools, nothing seems to work.

Meet Sociamonials. Sociamonials helps you optimize your campaigns and increase your ROI with important social media analytics and automation.

Automated posting, viral giveaways, and advanced analytics

There are a ton of Sociamonials features to get excited about but let’s start with the most intriguing: campaigns.

Sociamonials is the Golden Ticket to running contests as big as Wonka’s and sweepstakes that help get your brand out there.

Launching campaigns (which can be translated into 100+ languages!) is a piece of cake with ready-made design templates and stunning background images.

The best part? No coding is required. Your contests are fitted with automatic fraud prevention, submission approval via mobilewhite label optionsdouble opt-insplit testing, and the ability for contestants to enter and vote in the same time period.

You will have participants vouching for you and sharing your brand with everyone they know.


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