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Turn text into human-like voice in 3 steps

About Speechactors

Speechactors is AI Driven Text to Speech Generation cloud tool.

You can easily convert the text into natural human-sounding speech and download it as an MP3 file instantly.

Transform any text into a human-sounding voice in these 3 easy steps.

  • Select Language and Voice
  • Insert or Paste Text
  • Generate & Download

Best Text to Speech AI Voices

Choose from a growing library of 300+ natural sounding voices with humanlike intonation in 129 languages and accents powered by AI technology.

300+ AI Voices – Select the best voices from a library of 300+ AI voices in 129 languages.

Voice Style – Make your voices sound more natural and engaging by using expressive emotional speaking styles.

Multi-Voice Feature – Using different voices for sentences in the same audio file, you can create conversation-like voiceovers.

Background Music – Add background music to your voiceover easily by selecting music from a curated list. You can adjust the volume of your background music.

Voice Inflections – Create a more suitable voice tone by fine-tuning Rate, Pitch, Emphasis and Pauses.

Custom Pronunciations – Use the phoneme library to generate custom pronunciation for your words or phrases.

Use Cases

Videos – You can create Sales Videos, Training Videos, Educational Videos or any kind of videos.

E-Learning – For Learning & Development Teams, Training Course Providers and Educators to help their audiences learn better.

Audiobooks – Create audiobooks in no time.

Podcast – Do you want to run a podcast but do not have a good voice? You are covered.

IVR – Professional voice interactions for your customers. Scalable, on-demand and lightning fast turnaround time.

Corporate training – Sound professional by creating AI voiceover for your corporate training material.


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