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Connect all your social media accounts to a unique custom page

About Stacky

There are so many different sites, social media platforms, communities, and apps to promote your brand and content on. You are probably linking to your homepage (or even worse, an old blog post of last year). Well, that’s quite a missed opportunity. Meet Stacky, a beautiful micro landing page builder with rich links to your best content and lead magnets. Connect all your social media accounts to a unique custom page. Use advanced tracking with UTM parameters, optimize CTAs, page views, and clicks, and retarget users on multiple platforms using powerful pixel integrations.

Build The Right Audience And Retarget On Autopilot

Retarget your visitors accross multiple platforms using Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn pixels.

Connect In Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram And More

Engage with your audience by adding a link to your preferred Messenger solution.

Add Lead Magnets And Collect Emails

Connect your Mailchimp account and display signup forms directly on your landing page.

Add And Embed YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo And Much More

Embed content directly from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Spotify or SoundCloud.

Beautiful Designs And Effects In An Easy Drag & Drop Editor

Create a beautiful bio link page with the super easy to use Drag & Drop editor. Design a stunning page that converts by using animated effects, fonts, custom or predefined backgrounds, button styles, and more.

Advanced Analytics And Insights

Get insights in your page performance with advanced analytics and statistics directly in Stacky.


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