Sticky Password

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Manage your passwords with this award winning password wallet

About Sticky Password

One of the biggest issues in online security is that people use the same password on every site that they visit.

Then when a site is hacked and the user’s credentials are stolen, the hacker has access to any other accounts that use the same login information.

Therefore it is important to make new and strong passwords at every site you visit to stay secure.

So get a move on it and grab Sticky password Premium now

Sticky Password Premium allows you to create strong and unique passwords for every site that you visit and store them in an easy to use the program.

Your Master Password will be your key that unlocks your password storage – only you will know what it is!

Sticky Password Premium is a password manager that works for you

Creates & remembers strong passwords for all your accounts and types them for you.

Keeps all your logins, credentials and credit cards ready for use and absolutely secure.

You’ll need to remember only one password.

Save hours of time with automatic form filling

Capture data as you fill out forms and let Sticky Password type it for you next time. Every time.

Choose from your identities — the addresses, names and data of your various life roles.

Sync your data and use it on all your devices.

Generate passwords that nobody will crack

Create unique super strong passwords automatically. For each of your accounts.

Identify and change weak, old and reused passwords with the security dashboard.

Pay instantly with the secure digital wallet

Pay with your credit cards with one click.

Keep your credit card numbers in the super-secure vault that only you can access.

Protect private notes in a secure vault

Secure any text you want with AES‑256 encryption used by the military.

Secure memos protect your passport, IDs, software licenses, and much more.

Sticky Password technology is trusted by millions of people around the world.

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