Study Planr

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The ultimate productivity app for students

About Study Planr

Are you a stressed-out student or a lifelong learner struggling to track your tasks and assignments? Here’s a groundbreaking application that will help you track it – Study Planr!

Study Planr is an AI-powered productivity tool designed specifically for students. It comes with an AI writing tool and an assignment management tool to manage the projects you create with AI.

Study Planr can help you with

  • Setting study goals
  • Note making
  • Task management, and many more!

The Ultimate Productivity App for Students

Smart Task Management: It offers an intuitive system that prioritizes your tasks, from the most urgent to the least.

Assignment and Study Planner: It offers assignment management tool with visual and intuitive planner.

Note Taking: It allows you to create amazing notes, and highlight important ideas. You can also take help from AI to create notes.

Interactive Flash Cards: It allows you to boost memory retention with customizable flash cards.

Progress & Time Tracking: It allows you to watch your productivity soar as you visualize time spent on tasks, track your study habits, and see real-time progress.

Collaboration & Group Assignment Tools: It allows you to share your workspace and Coordinate with classmates.

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