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Discover the freedom to build and experiment without boundaries

About SuperDev Pro

Edit, inspect and enhance any website visually, right within the browser. Unleash your web editing power with SuperDev Pro.

CSS Inspector

Inspect and edit CSS properties of any element with CSS selectors generator and autocomplete support, and optionally save, copy or export changes.

Live Text Editor

Easily edit the text of any website to visualize it with different wording, and optionally undo any changes (CMD+Z) in case of a mistake.

Fonts Changer

Experiment with 1500+ Google fonts, apply them to your entire website, paragraphs, or headings, and optionally save, copy, or export changes.

List All Fonts

Identify all fonts used on any website, including their sizes, weights, styles, how they look on-site, and optionally copy or export all data.

Color Picker

Pick colors from any website at pixel-level, even from images and moving elements, create color palette, and optionally copy or export all colors.

Color Palette

Discover all colors used in any website, hover over them to view their color code, and optionally copy or export all colors in HEX or RGB/RGBA.

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