Superfan Share

Last update 4 months ago

Incentivize your followers for sharing your content

About Superfan Share

Creating content for the first time can be demotivating if there is very little engagement for your posts.

And Yes, organic marketing and consistent posting could take months (or even years) to gain a million views and a sizeable follower count.

Imagine giving exclusive rewards to your followers when they share your content and grow your channel faster with a loyal fanbase. Thankfully you can now !!

Introducing Superfan Share

It is an out-of-the-box engagement amplifier for content creators. Announce exclusive rewards for your fans in exchange for sharing your content with a unique affiliate link.

Incentivize your followers for sharing your content

Submit appealing content for your target audience. Share your public profile with your initial fanbase and announce exciting rewards for the accumulated points.

Make them earn points through sharing your content with their circle of friends or through social media.

Expand your fanbase across all socials and create a loyal community around your channel.

Get lifetime access to Superfan Share!

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