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Easy-to-use survey tool with high response rates

About SurveyMeme

Current survey tools cause survey fatigue, people don’t like filling out boring surveys, but they do love Memes. In addition, the complicated admin UI & UX of survey tools is built for complex market research and not for simple HR or team use cases.

SurveyMeme is the simplest survey tool with a special Meme feature for a higher response rate and creates added value for respondents for taking their time.

The simplest survey tool with the highest response rate

The product has all the core features – 7 basic survey modules, a statistics dashboard, xls export, and multi-user management.

The most interesting and differential feature is the Meme of the Day™ & Fortune Cookie™ (random quote) – a funny element for higher engagement of respondents and reward for taking their time.

SurveyMeme wants to change the survey experience from something people hate to something that people love and are looking forward to filling.

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