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Gamification of time tracking for higher motivation & engagement

About Trackabi

Trackabi: Gamification of time tracking for higher motivation & engagement, employee leave management integrated with timesheets, time worked reports, invoice generation, payment management & overdue invoice alerts, project plans & estimates, sharing timesheets, reports & invoices with customers, dashboards, data insights, customizable timesheets, Git commit import, and more.

Trackabi is an excellent choice for freelancers, small & medium-sized enterprises

It includes a desktop timer for Windows, Linux, and macOS that can automatically record time worked and prepare daily user activity statistics.

It can detect idle time and record applications used, differentiating between work and leisure apps.

When managing timesheets manually, the app allows doing it via a daily activity timeline — simply drag your mouse to select the time you spent on a task.

Don’t track time; start playing the time-tracking game!

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