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Get access to essential productivity tools

About TrulyOffice student

We understand the challenges students face in accessing essential productivity tools.

TrulyOffice Student is an affordable alternative to Microsoft Office Suite, providing essential applications such as Word, Sheets, and Slides. 

The TrulyOffice Student – offers a seamless experience in document creation, presentation building, and data analysis.

It is compatible with popular file formats; you won’t miss a beat when collaborating with peers or submitting assignments.

Premium Apps Included In This Office Software

Typography, Layouts, and collaboration:

  • Allows you to simplify typography and layout tasks effortlessly.
  • Allows you to enhance collaboration with user-friendly features.
  • It also allows you to maintain control over sensitive details’ display, such as phone numbers.

Alternative to Google Slides:

  • Allows you to craft visually stunning presentations according to your preferences.
  • Allows you to choose from streamlined interfaces, ready-to-use templates, or build from scratch.

Alternative to Google Sheets:

  • Allows you to conduct calculations and analyze complex datasets seamlessly.
  • Allows you to access a robust set of 460+ functions for faster and easier data handling.

Get lifetime access to TrulyOffice Student!

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