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All-in-one super-app for small business management

About Upp

Introducing Upp a super-app for small business mobility.

It’s all about freedom. Freedom from work routine. Freedom from boring spreadsheets and papers. Freedom from prejudices.

Manage leads, orders & clients. Make invoices & documents. Track income & expenses. Control warehouse stock. Automate scheduling and get online bookings. Assign tasks. Notify customers and colleagues by email and SMS.

All-in-one super-app for small business management

Lead management with long sales cycle support.

Efficient order management with statuses/deadlines/payments tracking, team collaboration, color labeling, delivery optimization, photo uploads, and tons of other useful features.

Flexible notifications by push, email, and SMS.

No more spreadsheets: now accounting can be done from a smartphone.

Warehouse stock management reimagined — Track your warehouse stock from a smartphone, no Excel is needed.

Get lifetime access to Upp!

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