Video service desk

Last update 11 months ago

Live voice and video chat button for visitors to call you

About Video service desk

Video service desk is a live voice and video chat button for your website visitors to call you. It allows you to present yourself through a live voice or video chat, instantly.

Get phone call notifications that seamlessly convert into video calls with just one tap.

Get email notifications for all calls and monitor the calls and agent status within the dashboard.

If you a miss a call, the customer will be asked for a preferred call back date and time when you can call them back and close the deal!

Feature highlights by Video service desk

In Call Note-Taking – Agents can take notes within the call which can be later viewed in the call history.

Real-time Monitoring – Monitor which agents are online and track ongoing, completed and missed calls in real-time.

Powerful Admin Controls – Join an ongoing meeting for quality and training. Admin can also end an ongoing meeting.

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