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Create a custom online business card and link it to a QR code

About VirtuaCard

Do you still use paper cards to network like it’s the 90s? Then, it’s time you upgraded to virtual cards. Here’s a tool to improve your cards: Introducing – VirtuaCard – Virtual Business Card-Making Tool.

VirtuaCard can create, share, and customize all your business cards. You can also link these cards to your social accounts to make a lasting impression and provide your network with more options to connect with you.

Say goodbye to paper cards and carry your fully customized virtual cards on your mobile devices.

Virtual Business Card-Making Tool

You can customize your business cards to reflect your brand, and use a wide range of templates.

You can even add your logo, social media links, QR codes, and more.

You can make your cards more interactive by including clickable links to your websites, social profiles, portfolio, and other relevant resources.

You can sync your contacts for easy follow-up and stay organized

You can get precise analytics and insights for your business cards

You can integrate your Virtual Card with conferencing platforms and schedule virtual meetings and appointments

Get lifetime access to VirtuaCard!

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