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AI speech to text transcription

About Voicetapp

Transcribe any voice or audio to text with up to 99% accuracy in easy 3 steps using Voicetapp, a powerful AI Speech to text transcriber.

Voicetapp use a deep learning process called automatic speech recognition (ASR), provided by AWS and GCP.

It covers more than 170 international languages & accents for recorded audios, and 12 Languages for Live transcription in real time.

Unlimited use cases!

From generating text contents from podcasts/videos & subtitles generations to converting your meeting recordings into hardcopy transcriptions, and you can set your transcription texts to turn out exactly how you need them.

Voicetapp Features

  • AI Speech to text Converts any voice to text with high accuracy rate
  • Latest ASR technology, powered by Google & Amazon
  • 170+ International languages for recorded audios & 12 languages for real time transcription
  • Cloud-based. No app installation required, it’s all online
  • Upload file as MP3, OOG, MP4 or WAV
  • Unlimited use cases. Podcasts, marketing content, Subtitle generation, Conference calls & more.


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