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Automate invoice download from all your suppliers

About Vuala

Problem: Many businesses lack real-time visibility into their profit and loss (P&L) due to inadequate accounting practices.

At the end of each month, numerous invoices are missing, leading accountants to spend valuable time chasing down teammates for the necessary documents.

Team members are then forced to manually search for invoices across various platforms and emails.

Automate invoice download from all your suppliers

Solution: Vuala takes care of the entire process for you by consolidating invoices from all your suppliers and delivering them to your preferred destinations, enabling real-time accounting.

How it works: It seamlessly integrates with a variety of suppliers, for example, Amazon Business, Google Ads, Meta Ads, utilities, electronic emails, etc.

Every day, Vuala scans these platforms for invoices.

Once detected, It automatically uploads the invoices to the ERP system, a designated Google Drive folder, or directly to the accountant’s email – whatever works best for your team.


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