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Add logos, text, or branding to images with Watermarkup

About Watermarkup

Watermarkup is a batch watermark online tool created to save precious time when watermarking your images with logos or text.

The application allows you to add watermarks in batches, customize the opacity of the watermarks, move them around on your photos and download all of them at once!

With Watermarkup you can efficiently place logos, texts or branding over your images, with batch mode you can quickly apply one logo across many photos; adjust opacities so that it doesn’t stand out too much (or blend into your picture); flip vertically/horizontally if desired; position anywhere within frame using the drag and drop interface.

Saving you time so you can get back to creating amazing content

Photos can be uploaded and watermarked in a tiled mode, so there’s no chance of anyone stealing or reusing them – with it, you get unlimited images watermarked at a time, unlimited uploads per day, and there’s no file size limit, plus your images’ quality will be preserved, resolution and dimensions will remain the same.


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