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Boost your productivity with neuroscience-based audio

About WiredVibe

Whether you are a student, engineer, or artist, WiredVibe can help you take your productivity game to the next level.

Based on the health benefits of Brainwave Technology, It provides neuroscience-based visual and sound therapy optimized for getting work done, all in one platform.

WiredVibe’s core technology uses brainwave entrainment to alter neural oscillations accordingly and stimulate cells inside your ear. Improve focus in 10 minutes!

The sound library is constantly updated, tested, and improved. It gives you unlimited tracks access, sound mix & match, as well as Pomodoro timer & to-do list and full virtual video workspaces.


  • AI creates the instrumental for all of the tracks
  • Adapts in real-time to personal inputs such as weather, nature of activity, & level of occupation
  • Manually adds the acoustic features

Brainwave Entrainment

  • WiredVibe’s methods for optimizing around alpha, beta and theta waves stand in a 3D Sound environment, a set of specially-tuned noises, and frequency modulation applied directly in each stereo channel, impacting positively brain activity

Virtual Environment

  • Tested by the University of Michigan and KAIST Daejeon University, VR Workspaces offer a systematic support that can enhance people’s study experience and increase their focus.

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