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Create print-on-demand products with AI

About Wondr AI

The only thing standing in the way of selling your dream designs online is your nightmare workflow process. (“Step 1: Figure out how many steps there are.”)

That’s because you don’t just have to design the product—you also have to figure out how to promote it on social media and sell it on different marketplaces.

Good thing there’s an AI-powered tool that can take care of everything, from creating original print-on-demand products to successfully marketing them online.

Introducing Wondr AI.

Wondr AI is an AI platform that automatically creates print-on-demand products, social media posts, and marketplace listings.

Create thousands of print-on-demand products for your online store

Getting started with Wondr AI is simple—just select a product and view automated scenarios on the Wonder Engine platform.

You’ll also be able to create automated scenarios with predefined templates that can be customized for your brand’s vibe.

Plus, you can import print-on-demand workflow templates to automate product designs, mock-ups, descriptions, titles, tags, and variant prices.

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