WorkHub Scheduling

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Cost-effective appointment-scheduling solution

About WorkHub Scheduling

WorkHub Scheduling is a cost-effective, easy-to-use appointment-scheduling solution that allows users to manage calendars effortlessly for themselves and their teams.

It facilitates a simple and reliable way to synchronize and import event data from popular calendars like Google Calendars and Microsoft Outlook.

Cost-effective appointment-scheduling solution

With this, users can conveniently switch and manage appointments across calendars without any data loss.

Furthermore, customers and colleagues can conveniently view online availability and schedule a meeting immediately.

WorkHub Scheduling makes appointment booking a breeze with its range of features, including:


WorkHub Scheduling makes organizing your daily life easier than ever with its streamlined calendar capabilities that provide improved convenience and heightened productivity.

With its intuitive interface and powerful features, you can easily manage your time and plan confidently.


WorkHub Scheduling enables users to personalize notifications through both emails and SMS.

  • Personalized notifications and reminders
  • The flexibility of slots duration on the calendar
  • Freedom to choose the number of days

Tools & Options

WorkHub Scheduling offers all the necessary features needed to manage appointments and facilitate collaboration and coordination.

  • Facility to add video call link with each booking
  • Easy synchronizing with other calendars
  • Option to add meeting agenda
  • Meeting rescheduling option
  • Option of meeting cancellation

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