WP Login Lockdown

Last update 1 year ago

Prevent bad guys & bots from messing with your wordpress site

About WP Login Lockdown

Introducing WP Login Lockdown, the security plugin that protects your WordPress site from malicious attacks.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – be proactive and safeguard your site with Login Lockdown’s easy-to-use features.

Do not worry about complicated security protocols or the hassle that comes with them. With WP Login Lockdown, you can effortlessly add a GDPR-compliant Captcha and honeypot to keep bots at bay, and enable 2 Factor Authentication for an extra layer of protection.

Secure your WordPress site from bad guys & bots

Stay ahead of the game with Login Lockdown’s Cloud IP blacklist and whitelist feature that lets you maintain a list of banned and approved IPs across all the sites you manage.

Plus, with the network-wide IP blacklist, you can block bad actors before they even reach your site.

Keep an eye on login attempts with the detailed activity log and block entire countries from accessing your site based on suspicious activity.

Get lifetime access to WP Login Lockdown today!

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