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Build a website-as-a-service platform on WordPress multisite

About WP Ultimo

Thinking about making money with your community or a specific niche?

WP Ultimo is a goldmine that allows you to offer exactly what they need.

You can use WP Ultimo to build and manage your own profitable site network including premium service packages, built-in marketing tools, storage upgrades, and domain mapping – just like WordPress.com.

Make money with WP Ultimo!

Using WP Ultimo you will be able to set up a network of premium sites, like WordPress.com in less than 5 minutes. You can create unlimited plans, coupons codes and easily manage your network subscriptions

What about creating a network of websites for doctors, for example, letting them signup and choose their own website template packed with all the pre-installed plugins they need to run their business?

You can do the same with literally any niche. Health, Fitness, Relationship, Dating, Pets, Wealth, Beauty, and Real Estate are great profitable niches examples, by the way

With thousands of plugins and themes available for WordPress, the possibilities to make money with WP Ultimo are infinite!

Start Your website SaaS business like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace

Start selling websites to your clients under your own branded platform.

You can use Elementor, Brizy PRO or any other page builder to create your own templates for pages, funnels, and websites.

You just need to target a specific market and create your own website templates to automatically sell to your customers.

With WP Ultimo you have a 100% White Label business with your own styling, branding, templates, emails, and many more.

Control all your customer’s websites and create fully automated billing with your own payment processor and emails.

Start your business today!

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