WP Video Magic

Last update 1 year ago

Host videos on AWS or dropbox without tech skills

About WP Video Magic

Cut costs with the cheapest video hosting available made simple for WordPress.

Video hosting costs quickly rack up to eye-watering levels with the ‘industry standard’ providers!

Keeping things on a budget is important in business, but you still need the fastest video delivery possible for ranking and visitor experience.

The only smart solution is Amazon S3 & Cloudfront, but you need to be a tech wonder to get it all set up, until now…

Host Videos on AWS or Dropbox without tech skills

WP Video Magic leverages super-fast hosted video delivery without the complicated setup headaches

Or use Dropbox for Free hosting.

Just add your videos inside the plugin settings, then drop the shortcodes wherever you need them!

With floating video & timed content for increased conversions and visitor interactions.

Get lifetime access to WP Video Magic today!

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