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Automatically backs up WordPress to cloud

About WPvivid

The WPvivid plug-in is a full WordPress backup plug-in that offers the option of securely backing up your WordPress site.

Backup: Include/Exclude Rules

  • Include/exclude specific files or folders and database tables from a backup.
  • Exclude files of certain types.
  • Back up web databases and tables.
  • Global exclusion rules for all backup types.

Schedule (Incremental /General)

  • Two backup schedule types – general and incremental schedules.
  • Customize backup content and start time of a schedule.
  • Specify cloud storage for a schedule, and set up multiple backup schedules.

Export/Import Site (Migration)

  • Separate export and import workflows for easier migration.
  • Export a website to 3 locations as needed: web server, remote storage, and target site (auto migration).
  • Import the site from corresponding locations to restore.

Cloud Storage Support

Support leading cloud storage providers including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, s3-Compatible storage, FTP, SFTP, Wasabi, pCloud, and Backblaze.

  • Customize a backup folder for each site.
  • Send a backup to multiple cloud storage.

Auto-Backup Before Update/Rollback

Automatically back up plugins, themes, WordPress core and entire database before you update them. So, if something goes wrong after the update, you can quickly restore everything back to normal.

Flexible Backup Retention Rules

Set the number of backups of different types(manual, scheduled, incremental, and rollback) to retain in different locations(web server and remote storage) for different purposes.

Set individual retention rules for different cloud storage.

Roles & Capabilities

Specify individual WPvivid modules/features for different user roles: Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber. Administrator(s) have access to everything.

White Label

Replace WPvivid branding on the plugin UI with your own brand name and present WPvivd Backup Pro functionalities to your clients as your own service.

Multi-Email Notification

Set up one or multiple email addresses to receive the backup report.

You can choose to get notified when a backup succeeds or fails, and customize email report subject for different sites for easy identification.

Multisite Support

WPvivid allows you to back up the entire multisite network or migrate it to another multisite, or migrate a sub-site in the multisite network to a standalone WordPress install.

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