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The perfect plugin for creating virtual tours for any business

About WPVR by RexTheme

All your clients are affected by COVID-19. Especially businesses that rely on bookings. Create virtual tours in minutes and help them get bookings even during this crisis!

Be The Best Solution To Your Clients!

WPVR is Perfect plugin To Create Virtual Tours For EVERY Business In EVERY Niche

A virtual tour is the future of business innovation, and in a few years, all businesses will use virtual tours. Grab hold of this huge market potential early on by offering quality virtual tours.

Stay ahead of your competitors and become the trusted agency for innovative business solutions.

Leverage The Benefits Of Virtual Tours

Having a virtual tour will increase your website’s credibility in many ways.

  • Get prospects interested even without a live visit.
  • Display the elegance and quality of your place confidently.
  • Engage with more prospects and get them bustling

Get Greater Results From Your Efforts

It is often tiresome to deal with prospects asking questions. And many times when taking a visit, most prospects turn you down if it doesn’t meet their expectations.

It is frustrating with so much time and effort invested.

Let’s change that with the latest technology. Make your efforts worthwhile with a compelling virtual tour on your site.

It’s super Easy To Create a virtual tour with WPVR

  • Take 360 panoramic images and upload on WPVR
  • Connect Scenes and add hotspots.
  • Customize the tour using amazing features.
  • Place the tour on your site and see the difference.

Get the WPVR Lifetime Deal today!

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