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Create beautiful and shareable screenshots with ease

About Wrap

Are you ready to transform your creative vision into stunning visuals that captivate your audience…??

Do you want to empower yourself with effortless image design and editing capabilities?

Imagine possessing the ability to effortlessly craft and enhance images with the utmost ease.

Meet Wrap.

Wrap is a powerful tool for brands to design and edit images for social media, product development, presentations, and much more.

Create Beautiful And Shareable Screenshots With Ease

Made to be shared – Improve your share game by exporting at the perfect aspect ratio for Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, and Facebook… you get the idea.

Built into your favorite browser – Install the browser extension to always have a selection of capturing and editing tools at your fingertips.

Choose from carefully selected styles to create pixel-perfect designs in seconds, even if you’re not a designer.

You can export your new image at the perfect aspect ratio for Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, Facebook, and any other platform.

Get lifetime access to Wrap today!

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