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Automate content production with AI avatars

About X-me

It could take you hours shooting, re-shooting, and editing, to upload a 10-minute video per week.

Shooting by yourself or with a small video production team would deviate you from your core responsibilities of devising a winning content strategy or acquiring high-ticket clients.

Picture this –  an AI avatar modeled after yourself (or anyone for that matter), flawlessly delivering the provided script in a single take.

Meet X-me

X-me is a powerful tool that generates videos with AI avatars. Make videos, and how-to guides, and build e-learning modules with an AI avatar in your project without breaking the bank.

Automate Content Production with AI avatars

Start generating your video by uploading a selfie video of just 10 seconds and the script.

Develop and share product demos with an AI avatar in just minutes. Create engaging presentations with personalized voices for your clients.

Show what your products can do to the end users for better understanding.

Simplify content creation by using a digital twin of your content presenter. This tool mirrors their key figures leading your content.

With this digital twin, replicate the actions and characteristics of your lead content presenters digitally. Create video content for various platforms faster.

Get lifetime access to X-me!

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