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Your all-in-one AI marketing ecosystem

About Xamtac

Marketing is hard.

Marketing departments are usually disorganized with assets and plans all over the place, and no clear unified customer journey mapped out.

Xamtac is an AI marketing department ERP system that helps companies walk through their data, asset generation, organization, planning, and launching of paid campaigns, social media, and emails.

Generate and organize assets within the library to then be used to create marketing plans, which can then be launched directly from Xamtac.

Once your campaigns are active, you can easily see your metrics and KPIs in the reports section or keep track and communicate with your leads within the CRM.

Your all-in-one AI marketing ecosystem

The library is where you can organize and generate marketing assets for each point along your customer journey funnel.

Here, you can maximize marketing efforts by creating and iterating through highly personalized assets quickly.

The library contains all the essential assets, from headlines & descriptions and email templates to creatives, keywords, audiences, and forms.

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