Toonly is an animation tool that allows non-techy marketers and entrepreneurs to create cartoon explainer videos with drag-and-drop. More

Have you ever seen those eye-popping animated explainer videos that literally draw your attention to watch the entire video?

Well, typically these videos cost $5,000 – $35,000 per MINUTE, to have a professional video design create.

It’s why you see mainly big brands like Slack, Hubspot, Shopify, Facebook, Lyft, ZenDesk, Walmart, Dropbox, TripAdvisor, and Upwork use these types of videos – because they can afford them.

Until today.Β Meet Toonly!

Toonly is a professional animation tool that allows non-techy marketers and Entrepreneurs to create amazing cartoon explainer videos – with point-and-click, drag-and-drop ease.

  • Make characters run, jump and fly…
  • Make a ball bounce…
  • Make planes sore…

Toonly helps you to create animated explainer videos with no fancy or expensive video editing software.

There are dozens of actions you can make a person or prop do – with just the click of a mouse.

At the end of the day, these videos result in more engagement and more customers!

You can grab your Toonly copy for a one-time investment and be able to create an unlimited number of animated explainer videos with your license.

Included with Toonly:

  • 20 Background Screens
  • 20 Audio/Music Tracks
  • 200 Characters
  • Ability to Import Your Own Images/Audio
  • Intuitive Timeline Editor
  • Export to HD MP4
  • Install on both Mac and PC
  • Free Software Updates

In minutes, you can create beautiful explainer videos that educate, engage, and work like crazy!


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