Troop Messenger is a user-friendly unified messaging platform, designed to enable team collaboration for businesses of all sizes. More

When it comes to team communication, there’s always someone out of the loop. (“Tim, why would Casual Friday be on Tuesday?”)

Having scattered chat channels, email threads, and video check-ins doesn’t always mean you’re in touch with your team.

Introducing a comprehensive messaging tool that simplifies internal communication for your business and guarantees everyone’s on the same page.

Say hello to Troop Messenger.

Troop Messenger brings together teams, work, tools, and clients with a single interface that accelerates work conversation and encourages team collaboration.

Thanks to the messaging facilities, your team can receive work updates and share work files through a direct message, within groups and shared spaces.

Hopping from platform to platform works for the Mario Brothers, not your team.

If you’re using different tools to chat with, email, and call your team members, you’re definitely doing the most.

Troop Messenger helps your team stay connected and on task, so you can focus on your business, not your messages.