Tube charge automatically creates videos In bulk, automatically optimizes videos in bulk and automatically uploads videos in bulk! More

Getting page 1 rankings in bulk Is the new way of dominating the first page of Google and Youtube!

We developed our own, new and unique way of dominating with video that’s better, faster, more automated and produces more results than any other strategy we’ve ever deployed.

We now create dozens (and sometimes even HUNDREDS) of campaigns at once and absolutely DOMINATE the first page of Google and YouTube in MASSIVE quantities!

We’ve created the FIRST and ONLY Web-App that Does it ALL For You!

Tube Charge automatically creates videos In bulk, automatically optimizes videos in bulk and automatically uploads videos in bulk and much much more!!

Plus We’ve Simplified It Into A Simple, 3-Step Process:

Step 1

Login To Our Web-app and Turn ONE video into DOZENS of Variations At the Click of a couple buttons with our powerful Video Spinner

Img 022

Step 2

Fill out our simple video optimization template and connect it to the videos you just created so our app automatically optimizes ALL your Videos For YOU

Img 023

Step 3

Configure Your Upload Settings So You Have Fully-Optimized Videos Automatically Uploaded To Your YouTube Channel EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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Talk About awesome, right? Yea we think so too!

We’re in 2019 where technology allows us to DO MORE without us having to do the work ourselves.

Sooo… Why not instead use our platform and claim DOZENS of page 1 rankings at a time?

Tube charge allows you to dominate page 1 the NEW way by:

  • Automatically creating DOZENS (or even HUNDREDS) of videos for you at a time.
  • Automatically optimizing DOZENS (or even HUNDREDS) of videos for you at a time.
  • Automatically uploading ALL those videos for you on a DAILY basis, so it ALL looks 100% natural and human-like, which boosts your channels authority!
  • And even automatically creating video playlists from those videos – 100% hands free”.

With Our Platform You Fly Under The Radar With Our Human-Like, Drip-Feed Feature, So You Have New Videos Being Uploaded To Your Account Every Day, Completely Hands-Free!

Our drip-feeding upload feature serves TWO major purposes:

You fly under the radar since Tube Charge will slowly upload 5 videos a day for you.

With all of our testing, we have found that this is the MAGIC number.

It also uploads them 60 minutes apart so it looks even MORE natural.

The way we’ve set up our system, it’s almost like having your own personal VA uploading videos for you on a DAILY basis.

You’re Channels Authority starts to SKYROCKET because you’re having FRESH content hitting your account EVERY DAY.

It’s no secret, Google and YouTube LOVE fresh, NEW content!

The more content you have on your YouTube channel, the BETTER, PERIOD!

It’s simple math. Which Channel do you think YouTube would trust more – a channel that BARELY gets videos added, OR a channel that has videos being added to it EVERY SINGLE DAY? Yea, it’s a no-brainer.

Img 028

This Is The First, The Only And The Easiest System For Getting Page 1 Rankings In Bulk Without Having To Do Any Of The Work Yourself!

PLUS, for A VERY limited-time, we’re going to be including our AGENCY license with your purchase TODAY!

This means you’ll be able to use Tube Charge for your CLIENT campaigns as well and keep 100% of the Profit!

Since Tube Charge pretty much does ALL the work for you after you set up your campaigns, you’ll NEVER have to create, optimize or upload a video MANUALLY ever AGAIN!

You’re now equipped with the BEST software on the planet for claiming page 1 rankings in BULK and having all the work done for you!



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